07 December, 2008

Source of the Devil's Dictionary Revised

One of the books I am a fan of is Ambrose Bierce's "The Devil's Dictionary". When I headed off to Baja for a bit of head clearing time. So I got to thinking about all the jokes and wittisms that I used to share with friends and co-workers while I was driving. All of a sudden I had 40 definitions that I have been writing down and feeding to the blog when I can. As I surfed and kayaked more, I came up with more. And I have been busy writing them down. I am running at about 90 definitions for the Devil's Dictionary Revised. And I am not slowing down at all.

I plan on keeping the list going while I am down here and putting them here when I get back "home". Even though there isn't a home to go to for a while.

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