04 December, 2008

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling:

1. A process where a therapist, or marriage counselor, acts as a referee for a quarreling couple.
2. A process where you learn:
a.) Your parents weren't married - Common English Translation: "Bastard"
b.) The flaws your parents made in raising you:
Common English Translation: "Lazy ass and worthless parents that raised your sorry ass."
c.) Your transgressions since you were a couple:
Common English Translation: "Ever since we were dating..."
d.) Your flaws at the mating rituals: Common English Translation: "You suck in bed!"
e. ) Your flaws at employment: Common English translation: "You don't make enough money!!!"
f.) Your comparative worth to your soon to be ex-spouse: Common English Translation: "Goddamn It, you suck, you are shit, fuck you, I don't know why I married you"

All at $250+ an hour, the price of a good dominatrix who is better at dishing out abuse.

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