10 January, 2009

Legal Definition - from NoReinsGirl (Twitter)

Another great guest contribution from NoReinsGirl on Twitter. Thanks Sharon


1. Social Networking Site enabling the user to send messages in 140 characters or less.
2. Networking Site that makes the user cooler than high school or college by sheer number of followers.

Law School

1. Method of training students to become lawyers through post-secondary education.
2. Waterboarding than law students pay money to have done to them.


1. Fermented Grape Juice aged in oak barrels at a constant temperature.
2. Classy drink used by individuals to get schnockered while attempting to cup, taste, and critique said liquid.

Bar Review

1. Studying for The Bar in the time period between law school graduation and The Bar.
2. Law Student review of all bars, pubs, and drinking establishments within a 10 mile radius of law school traditionally held on Thursday nights.
3. Excuse to go drinking with fellow students and commiserate about the waterboarding.

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The asshat who thinks he's smarter than the rest of the 1L class and feels all of us need to know it.

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